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Landscape Care Program

1st Visit 
Spring Clean-Up

Detail clean landscape beds, define garden edges and borders, prune back and fertilize perennial flowers and ornamental shrubs as needed. Apply pre-emergent weed control. Deliver and install mulch for garden beds. Disposal of all debris.

[March - May]

2nd Visit

Late Spring / Early Summer

Corrective and selective pruning of evergreen shrubs. Manually weed garden beds. Define bed borders. Manually groom bed areas with soft rake. Detail clean-up and disposal of all debris.

[May - June]

3rd Visit


Selective pruning and dead head ornamental shrubs and perennial flowers. Prune any evergreen shrubs. Raise/lower (prune) hanging branches on ornamental trees. Groom and weed landscaping beds. Disposal of all debris. 

[August - September]

4th Visit

Fall / Winter

Final pruning of ornamental shrubs and perennial flowers. Fertilize evergreen shrubs. Removal of leaves. Groom and weed landscape beds. Disposal of all debris. 

[November - December]

Detail Visits

On Request or In-Between Visits

Touch-up pruning as necessary. Hand-weed and groom landscape beds. Clean sidewalks, porches, patio and bed areas free of debris. Final grooming, pick-up and disposal of all debris. 

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