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E. Swinehart

"To Alan and the entire crew, we want to say thank you for the beautiful work you did in our yard. We are very pleased with the result. Each one of the crew was professional, hard-working, friendly, and kind."

C. Lahna

"Thank you for the gorgeous backyard- we absolutely love it! Your crew was a delight to work with, we could not be happier!"

"Just a note to say how pleased we have been with your services.  You have a good team!"

 - P. Freling



"To the best landscapers around!  Thank you!"

 - G. Moreng

"Your crew did a great usual!"

 - J. Rion

"Thank you! The yard looks beautiful!"

 - F. Hron

"Dennis, I wanted to say 'thank you' for the masterpiece you created for our home!  You are v ery talented and it shows in your work.  Your attention to detail and vision for our property was more than we could have imagined!  We have people every day complimenting us on our yard.  Thank you again!

 - S. Gardner

"Thank you to Marion and Marion's crew for doing such an amazing job of cleaning up our yard and making it summer ready.  Everything looks great and we appreciate all you do."

 - L. Baughman

"Everything looks great ~ Excellent work ~ I'm very happy!"

 - M. Crabb

"The yard looks great. Your crew did their normally fabulous job. Thanks."

 - J. Brooks



"I just wanted to write a short note to let you know how much I love the landscaping.  The guys that worked here worked fast and steady and were so knowledgable about the plants and what should be trimmed.  I am beyond happy with the way everything turned out.  The mulch is great...the trimmed plants and trees look wonderful...everything fresh!  Thank you very much!"

 -  L. Borrowman



"I want to make sure you and your staff know you are some of the best at their trade that I have come across!  Please feel free to use me as a reference as I am extremely pleased with every aspect of your business and professionalism of your company."

 -  G. Leslie



"We wanted you to know that we could not be more pleased with your service!"

 -  J. Zimmerman



"Had first test of the dry creek bed...3+ inches of rain.  Worked great!  We appreciate your quality work and attention to detail."

 -  K. Dixon



"We want to thank you for the fabulous job Landscape Service Company did today!  The work is just wonderful...we are so pleased.  We feel fortunate to have you and your crew helping us to keep our yard the way we want it to look.  And Dennis, we so appreciate how you continually oversee everything to make sure it's exactly the way the way you want it.  Thank you for everything!"

 -  L. Baughman


"Thanks!  The crew did a great job!"

 -  D. Hopkins

"Crew is Awesome!  They always do an amazing job!"

 -  M. Flekier


"Just a short note to say how pleased I was with your handling of our landscaping needs.  You have a great group of employees.  I felt like I got 'great value' for the work.  Thank you!"

 -  M. Evans


"Wow!  I think there may finally be grass growing in the back yard!  Rocks and Landscape look good too."

 -  M. Kullberg


"So you know...we so enjoy our 'park' as our friends call is beyond beautiful!  Please know that we sit outside most nights and have wine and love it.  Great job and please tell the crew and Alan 'thank you' for all they do.  We appreciate you all!"

 -  A. Swank


"Dennis and Alan completed the landscaping work after an in-ground pool construction project.  The yard was a disaster when they started.  They did the landscape design and implementation including landscaping around the pool [rocks], grading, 11 trees, sod and a sprinkler system rebuild.  They did and awesome job!  I highly recommend them!  They are a 10 out of 10!"

 -  B. Hitt

"Thank you for the great service!"

 -  M. Watson

"Please tell the crew that worked so hard up here, Great Job!  It is sooo beautiful up here on the hill.  We appreciate them!"

 -  G. Swank

"Please express my appreciation to your entire crew, particularly Tom and Steve.  We really like the finished product, but also value the care and consideration they provided in cleaning and maintaining the area while they worked.  They made sure that we remained good neighbors while the project was underway."

 -  D. Winter

"Dennis, we appreciate the work of your crew.  Thank you!"

 -  J. Walker

"Thanks for another great job!"

 -  J. Rion

"Thank you!  You all do a fantastic job.  Much appreciated and sending more referrals your way."

 -  P. Vrana

"Wow. Above and beyond how the crew spiffed up the yard. It all looks most beautiful!!!!  Know our 80 plus church family will be in awe as we always are- The outside event will be special for sure!  Please thank your crew- they are great!"

 - G. Swank


"The crew just left our house, and we are very pleased with the work. Dennis was easy to work with..."

 - K. Heideman


"Beautiful!  Your team did a wonderful job!  They were respectful, professional and fun! - "

 - K. Young


"I wanted to let you know extremely satisfied I was with your work. You definitely exceeded my expectations.  Superb work and clean-up.  Your attention to detail,GREAT"  Thank you."

 - J. Link


"I love the fountain rock by the barn!  Perfect!!!"

 - G. Swank

"We will be moving in July to a place in the country, so we will not need your services in the future.  We have appreciated your excellent service and friendly people, and the kind voice on the phone.  Thank you!"

 - B. Armentrout


"Clean up and mulch look good – as usual."

 - M. Kullberg

"I very much look forward to working with you and your team, and I truly appreciate the time and professionalism you put forth in your proposal."

 - J. Jones

"Great guys showed up!  Definitely plan to use you going forward."

 - T. Riddle


"Thank you for the excellent clean-up again, and thank you for doing smaller jobs when we are unable to do the work"

- L. Reppell

"I wanted to tell you that the crew who handled this job last week did an outstanding job. I was truly impressed with the work nothing was missed, everything trimmed and cleaned up carefully, the yard left looking immaculate. I sincerely appreciate the quality of the work and just wanted to let you know what a terrific job they did." 
C. Colyer

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